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Part of fixing our economy is securing our borders and reforming immigration, We all know that our immigration system, both illegal and legal, is broken. Politicians in Washington don’t have the will to fix it, but they should, and I will.

For starters, we must secure the border. That begins with building the Wall that President Trump has promised, more border patrol agents, and unmanned aerial surveillance.

Next, since about 40% of the illegal immigrants in the US come here legally then remain once their visas expire, we need a much better system for tracking visa overstays. America also needs a much more effective and efficient employment verification system so that companies can have confidence the people they hire are legally entitled to work and that large corporations aren’t abusing the system. Likewise, we must reform guest worker programs to make sure that American workers aren’t being displaced in the process of companies meeting legitimate worker shortages.

Listen, I come from a long lineage of immigrants. My mom's family came from Scotland and my dad's great-grandfather brought his family to America from England. More recently, my step-grandparents immigrated from Mexico in the 1940's. Both my grandmother and grandfather waited 7 years to become legal citizens of this great nation. Like everyone else who comes to America, they wanted a better life for their family. But, they did it by legal means.

The bottom line is, it is very easy to come to America illegally, and very hard to come to the United States legally. That should be reversed. We need a high wall with a wide gate.

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