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We need a new national security strategy and a defense budget that allows us to implement it. We need leaders in Washington who understand how to protect our interests and those of our allies, as well as America’s unique leadership role in the world. The world is safest when America is the strongest. While the biggest change has come from now having a pro-military Commander-in-Chief, Congress has an important role to play as well. Congress’s oversight function is a critical part of the job.

As a former combat soldier based in Iraq and others various areas of the Middle East, national security will be one of my top priorities as a member of Congress. I have seen the enemy face to face, and know that the war we are in is not only a war of military force, it is a war of ideology. ISIS seeks to destroy western civilization, and our very way of life. For starters, the United States must finish what we started and defeat global jihadists, ISIS and al-Qaeda. Former President Obama’s half-hearted, inconsistent policies have failed and done nothing but instigate the spread of terrorist organizations around the world.

 When elected to Congress, I will aggressively press the Trump administration for a plan and a budget that will allow us to defeat these jihadist groups without dragging our country into another nearly two decades of endless war. We must also remember that our strategy must come from military commanders. It is a military decision, not a political one.

Committee to Elect Mike Moses
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