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Who thinks the federal government, or any governmental agency for that matter, should be involved in raising our kids or caring for our families, to include education?

Founding Father Noah Webster wrote,

“Parents are the natural guardians of their children. It is their duty to feed, clothe, protect and educate them; and for these purposes it is proper and necessary that parents should have authority to direct their actions.”

It’s our responsibility, as parents, to ensure that our children have all of the tools they need to succeed in life. Education is a major part of those tools. I am a strong believer in homeschooling and will continue to support any parent who chooses to shield the minds of their kids from the onslaught of Liberal propaganda that has infiltrated our education systems. But for those who cannot homeschool or those who choose to send their children to public or private schools, they, the parent, should have the freedom to enroll their student into any school they see fit. Regardless of zip code or family income.

I couldn't agree more with Director of Education Betsy DeVos. Taxpayer money should follow each student to whatever school the parents choose. This will be instrumental in pulling low income and inner city youth out of failing schools and provide them with the opportunity to excel in life instead of being stuck in a generational cycle of poverty. Everyone regardless of race, gender, creed, or economic means should have the same opportunity to receive a quality education. Don’t you agree?

On top of that, Washington has no business mandating curriculum for states, which is why Common Core is one of the biggest government intrusions of our lifetime. Each state should be a laboratory for innovation so that states compete with each other for the best results.

In addition, parents, not the government, should dictate what medical care and treatments their children receive, to include vaccinations and immunizations. By law, a person can make the choice on whether they want to receive life-saving resuscitation in an emergency situation, but they can't choose what medicines their children are inoculated with? Doesn't make much sense does it?

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