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Do you continue to write checks even after there is no money in your bank account? Our current spending is unsustainable. We must work towards a Balanced Budget Amendment that will force government to live within its means.

We need to overhaul federal spending caps and deficit targets enforced by sequester in order to balance the budget and begin paying down the federal debt. Congress has demonstrated too many times that it won’t make tough spending decisions on its own which is why putting the backstops in place is so important. While there is plenty of wasteful discretionary spending and a host of programs Washington has no business being involved in, it’s impossible to balance the budget without reforming entitlement programs. Entitlements and interest on the debt now constitute 2/3 of the budget. In addition, putting Medicare and Social Security on sound financial footing isn’t just about averting a debt crisis; it’s about saving these critical programs for the seniors who rely on them and preventing younger taxpayers from having to face huge tax increases and fewer jobs caused by massive spikes in their payroll taxes.

Committee to Elect Mike Moses
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